Plague Rats


The Omniborg consist of a large variety of creatures sculpted and enhanced by liquid plex. The Omniborg take advantage of their daunting intellect and impressive numbers to overwhelm their foes.

The Omniborg faction centers around the production and utilization of Plex counters. Plex is a resource that is stored on your cards and can be spent for a variety of effects ranging from increasing a single monster's combat stats to spawning legions of monsters.

There are three different ways to gain plex counters, they are:

1. Relics - Plex Sieve and Plex Accumulator both provide you with plex counters upon activation.

2. Laborers - Plex Mine and Drill will give you plex at a premium rate if you have enough laborer monsters.

3.Vanguards - All Vanguard monsters have the ability “Extract”, gaining them plex counters when they activate (monsters activate when they are selected to attack).

Plex is stored directly on cards. Most Omniborg monsters and relics have a ability called “Plex storage” which determines the number of plex counters they may store. You will need to be careful about where you store your plex, as leaving it on vulnerable monsters or relics may lead to it being lost in battle.

The Omniborg can use their plex counters to improve their monsters' base stats, give their monsters new abilities, or to spawn new monster tokens.

Faction Mechanic

Oscafer serves as the most consistent source of plex in the game. Oscafer's activated ability is the only way to gain plex on your first turn, this is caused by your ability to activate Flagbearers on the turn you unlock them.

Oscafer's limited plex storage requires you to have cheap methods of spending or storing plex. Hive protector and Hex-Guard being great examples.

Pascel provides you an extremely safe place to store plex (note, Pascel must be unlocked for you to take advantage of this plex storage). This is because, unlike monsters and relics, there is no way for your opponent to destroy plex counters that are stored on Pascel.

Pascel's ability allows you to retain the plex from extract monsters without having to ensure they survive combat (refer to the "Vanguard" Subtype for more details).


Conscript monsters have decent stats, powerful abilities, and limited card effects. Conscript type monsters tend to synergize well together. Swarm Tactics and Induction Quarter both allow you to have consistent access to conscripts if you build your deck around them.

Vanguard monsters have decent stats, the ability “Extract” along with strong offensive abilities, and no card effects. Extract gives the monster plex counters when they activate (monsters activate during the combat phase when they are selected to attack).

Elite monsters have strong stats, powerful abilities, and impressive card effects. These monsters are highly varied, typically either being highly versatile or the capstone of a particular strategy.  

Laborer monsters have low stats, the ability “Production X”, and no card effects. Your production level is the sum of the value of each of the production abilities on all of the monsters you command.

Laborers have a number of cards associated with them:

Patrol Squad and Foraging Party summon laborer tokens.

Plex Mine and Plex Drill generate you plex.  

Julision and Plex Hulk gain improved stats and abilities at certain production levels.



The Omniborg were the result of humans experimenting on the physiological limits of local insects. During these tests the insects were exposed to plex (an extremely rare liquid metal). As a result of this exposure, the insects gained enhanced intelligence and strength, but they were not yet the Omniborg we know today.

Eventually, the insects’ gradual metamorphosis allowed them to fully grasp their circumstances and unite against their captors. The insects fled deep underground where they completed their evolution through further research of plex. It is unclear who the first to become a member of the Omniborg was, but many of these original insects took on new names inspired by those granted to them in captivity.

Faction boxes contain a full play-set (the maximum number of a card playable in a deck) of every card and flagbearer in a faction for a given expansion.

This faction box contains a full play-set all 56 Omniborg cards in the Base Set along with the faction’s 2 flagbearers! That’s a total of 198 cards for only $59.99!

Starter decks are a great introduction to Flagbearer! Each Starter deck contains a pre-made deck with 40 cards and 1 Flagbearer. Starter decks are designed to be easy to learn and provide the opportunity to change them using cards from the respective Faction Box. Starter decks are an excellent entry point for Flagbearer at $19.99.