Plague Rats


The Plague Rats are ordinary rats, who are currently in a position of dominance due to Aeon’s dismal state and the power of the highly volatile plague they carry. To be in the presence of the Plague Rats is to face the plague itself. It is unknown how a being possessing subpar intelligence and strength is capable of being a vessel for such a force, but the Plague Rats are not the type to ponder such mysteries.

The Plague Rat faction aims to control the game through the utilization of Plague counters. Plague Rats may place plague counters on opponents’ monsters by using monsters that “infect” the targets of their attacks. Alternatively, they may use monsters which produce plague counters for themselves passively. Plague counters don’t do anything on their own but gain unique effects when influenced by certain cards. These effects manipulate the strength, toughness, and spirit of plague hosts on a global scale or those of a specific target.

Plague Counters are given to monsters in an inactive state. There are very few ways of interacting with inactive plague counters. Inactive plague counters become active plague counters during the end phase of the player who commands the monster with the counter. Active plague counters are ripe for exploitation from a number of sources.

The Plague Rats specialize in making those with the plague suffer. In order to achieve this they use monsters, relics, and actions which have creative ways of toying with those unfortunate enough to be in the plague's grasp.

The Plague Rats have the remarkable ability to use the plague to make themselves even more repulsive. These cards take maximum advantage of this effect.

Immunity is an ability that prevents it's bearer from any deletarious effects that specify they only work on nonimmune monsters. Because of their tendency to indiscriminately spread the plague, this is a highly valuable attribute.

Faction Mechanic

Rotwheeze is an excellent example in strength through simplicity. Rotwheeze's ability allows you to spread an inactive plague counter to a monster of your choosing. This pairs excellently with nearly every Plague Rat card.

Notably this effect still has a draw back in your inability to target anything with this effect in your first turn if you go first (you are required to use your only die to unlock Rotwheeze).

Viletooth possesses a strong ability that is amplified by his position as a D4 flagbearer. The ability to make all monsters with multiple plague counters on them less strong helps to make up for the plague rat’s lacking stat lines. On top of this, the Plague rats have many low cost ways to distribute plague counters Plague Spreader and Fetid mass are great examples.
When running Viletooth it’s important to note that his ability effects your own monsters. Making it a liability for self plaguing decks.


The Plague Rats have a number of ways of presenting their adversaries with the gift of the plague. The most common way to give the plague to the enemy is through the ability infect. Infect monsters give defending monsters plague counters after attacking them.

The Plague Rats aren't shy when it comes to spreading the plague to their own kind.

Spreading Plague


The Plague Rats are one of Aeon’s greatest enigmas. In the face of a highly volatile environment that has demanded it’s inhabitants to adapt or face extreme opposition, the plague rats have acted with complete apathy. Their way of life—taking what they want and slowly spreading the plague where they can—has proved sufficient in these dire times. In fact, their only relation to the surrounding chaos is as an instigator, using the plague to spread terror to those caught up in the surrounding maelstrom.

Faction boxes contain a full play-set (the maximum number of a card playable in a deck) of every card and flagbearer in a faction for a given expansion.

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