Plague Rats


The Technomancers are an extremely dangerous force due in part to their ability to generate numerous resources, but also their willingness to expend these assets on short-term advantages. The Technomancers are comfortable utilizing these temporary buffs because they have developed a keen sense of value. This manifests itself in many ways, such as the highly competent entwined using their automaton inferiors to tackle the majority of confrontations.

The Technomancers have numerous mechanics they can benefit from. Their primary mechanic is the ability to store pip dice on cards. You can use stored dice to create energy, move them onto other cards with storage, eject them to be used again as pip dice, or as a cost to utilize powerful effects. Energy is the Technomancer’s exclusive resource. Energy can be used to charge monsters, empowering them temporarily.

Technomancers have many relics and several monsters with storage. Storage signifies the number and max value of dice that may be stored on a card. Once a die is stored you may only interact with it through effects that specifically refer to stored dice. These cards directly manipulate stored dice.

Technomancers typically gain energy by activating generators. They then spend this energy to power up card effects or charge monsters, giving them powerful temporary buffs.

Faction Mechanic

Clark offers you 2 simple but powerful effects. Clark's first effect grants you reliable access to a slightly weaker form of ignite (providing you with energy at the cost of decreasing a stored die). Clark's second ability provides you a way of moving low value dice off of Clark. This is important because effects which target "cards" may not target Flagbearers, making this ability the only way to move a die stored on Clark.

Because of the reduced value to Clark's ignite, it is wise to run him with cards like Growth Chamber or Charging Station which can get value out of dice that would be poorly spent on Clark.

Despite the apparent simplicity of Sara's effect text, she offers a number of important considerations when building around her. Firstly, her utilization of D4's makes the effects of Perpetual Energy Machine and Careful Analysis far more consistent. The additional die you gain for choosing her gives you more potential triggers of MK. 87 Live-Wire Droid and Quasimatter Duplicator.
On top of all of that, her charge ability is an excellent pair with MK. 82 Entangled Droid and Upgrade parts.

The biggest downside to Sara is the reduced viability of ignite based generators due to having a maximum roll of 4.


Automatons do the heavy lifting for the Entwined. Possessing the emotion and physical prowess the entwined lack, the automatons are capable of incredible feats. Many automatons have the ability charge, which costs energy and gives them a boost until the start of your next turn.

The entwined are the Backbone of the Technomancer faction. The entwined all have the abilities charge and overload. Their charge abilities all cost energy and give another monster a buff until your next turn. For 3 times the energy you can overload an entwined. Overload uses their charge ability on all of your other monsters.

Generators are relics that allow the Technomancers to create energy. The premier example of this is Basic Generator, which possess the ability ignite. Ignite gives you a number of energy counters equal to the value of a stored die and then reduces the number on the stored die by 1 (the number next to Ignite signifies how many times you you trigger this effect).

Alternatively, Perpetual Energy Machine will always give you 3 energy, but to activate it you will need to store a 1-pip die.



The Technomancers consist of the horrifying entwined (augmented humans with the ability to manipulate energy to their whim) and the automatons (soulless husks imbued with powerful emotions), which the entwined use to achieve their twisted ends. The Technomancers have no issues with the current state of Aeon. In fact, they see it as brimming with potential for their varied experiments. The Technomancers are thriving in this environment through the utilization of their numerous technological advancements. Their long-term alienation to the concept of a stable environment. And their dedication to not let basic humane practices get in the way of a good experiment.

Faction boxes contain a full play-set (the maximum number of a card playable in a deck) of every card and flagbearer in a faction for a given expansion.

This faction box contains a full play-set all 56 Technomancer cards in the Base Set along with the faction’s 2 flagbearers! That’s a total of 198 cards for only $59.99!

A Starter deck is a pre-made deck with 40 cards and 1 Flagbearer. Starter decks are designed to be easy to learn and provide the opportunity to change them using cards from the respective Faction Box. Starter decks are an excellent entry point for Flagbearer at $19.99.