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  1. What is Flagbearer?

    Electro-Static Games is the brainchild of Adam Charland and Ryan Charland in collaboration with a large number of artistically inclined individuals (whose credits can be found in the card page under all of art they are responsible for).

  2. What sets Flagbearer apart?

    We are an independent game studio which creates and self-publishes games. Our current project is the full release of Flagbearer, an Expandable Card Game.

  3. What is an Expandable Card Game?

    Electro-Static Games LLC was established in 2020, however we started making games in 2017.

  4. What is a Faction?

    The best way to get in contact with us is through our contact page: https://www.electrostaticgames.com/electro-static-games/contact. You can also catch us on our discord server: https://discord.gg/9gFcwDnqej.

  5. What is a Flagbearer?

    Put simply, we make unique and exciting games that we think you will enjoy.        

  6. What makes each Faction unique?

    Omniborg: The Omniborg utilize "Plex" to raise the effectiveness of their monsters or to summon vast legions of tokens.

    Naturae: The Naturae benefit from manipulating their deck by placing cards in the discard and then moving them to a special zone called the "mulchyard".

    Technomancers: The Technomancers can store and manipulate rolled dice to gain valuable energy or other boons.

    Plague Rats: The Plague Rats aim to control the pace of the game by distributing devastating plague counters which can massively impair or buff afflicted monsters.

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