Fan creations (content created by you) are the lifeblood of an active community. Recognizing this, we (Electro-Static Games LLC) have created an accommodating set of rules which will foster the development of fan projects by allowing creators to use our IP within a broad array of scenarios.

If you have any questions after reading this policy, please reach out to us at

Fan Creation Policy

1. General Rules

The following rules apply to all creators whose fan creations feature Electro-Static Games LLC IP:

1. You may not use Electro-Static Game’s trademarks.

2. You must clearly state that the creation is unofficial and where the origin of the IP is i.e “The Flagbearer Expandable Card Game”. This disclaimer must be clearly visible and non-obscured i.e., in a video this would mean placing the disclaimer within the video or description as opposed to making it a comment.  

       a. Although optional, we encourage you to include a link to either the official Electro-Static Games account for the website in question,,or to a location where a product for the respective IP is being sold.  

3. We reserve the right revoke any party’s ability to use Electro-Static Games’ IP at any time without cause.

2. Rules for Paid Creations

The following rules apply to all monetized fan creations (art prints, pay restricted content, etc.) featuring Electro-Static Games’ IP:


1.  You are only allowed to use creations that you have created. You may not use illustrations, card frames, finished cards, etc. which are the property of Electro-Static Games LLC.

2.  You must state within the product’s description that Electro-Static Games LLC will not receive any profit from sales of the product and who the beneficiary of any sales will be i.e., you and any other recipients of profits. This disclaimer must be clearly visible and non-obscured within the description.  

3.  You may not create or mint NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) containing Electro-Static Games LLC’ IP.

4.  You may not include blockchain integration within any project using Electro-Static Games’ IP.  

5.  You may not use Electro-Static Games IP within any creations containing predatory monetization practices. This includes but is not limited to loot boxes and gacha type mechanics.  

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