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Flagbearer Progress Update 2

A few weeks ago, I posted an update covering what we had been up to during the preceding few months. Since then, we have been making plenty of progress, most of which has behind the scenes.


The most exciting thing we have been working on is getting new illustrations. We have a dozen new illustrations ready and will be making anew batch early next week.

Content Usage

Several of the artists we are working with have asked us what our stance towards IP usage is, so we’ve decided to make an official content policy. Because we understand that this is a sensitive topic covering a wide array of potential scenarios, we are being extra diligent to make sure that we get it right.


During the last update I talked a bit about our plans to bring the story to a more visible place. I still believe that flavor text is the best way to do this in the immediate future, but we are putting a slight postponement on tackling flavor text until the foundations of the narrative have been set. In more specific terms, I have finished another story outline (putting us at a total of 3 finished outlines) and I believe one more story outline is necessary before moving forward. The outlines we have now all take place over a relatively tight time period and will contain heavily entwined narratives, meaning it is important to establish times and relationships between events and characters in order to prevent future conflicts. Once I finish the next outline, Adam and I will move towards making descriptions.

50 Follower Instagram Milestone

This is surprising! We didn’t intend on building a social media following before launch, so we are truly grateful to be receiving this support at this stage of development!


Our next major move is acquiring the last few artists for the Technomancers. This might take some time as before I tackled this, I will need to handle the yearly business filing. This might take a few days to get sorted out, so I’m going to tackle it early to not have it get in the way of future progress.


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