Flagbearer Progress Update 3


In this update we will be showing off our first Flagbearer illustration and some of our new flavor text. In addition, we will be talking about what we have been working on behind the scenes to get Flagbearer’s Base Set into a finished state.


A month ago we posted Card Batch 16 with 12 new illustrations. This leaves us with only 13 more regular illustrations and 8 flagbearer illustrations to show off before launch. The Flagbearer Illustrations are going to take some time to transport into Table Top Simulator because we will need the final versions of their frames. With That said, here is the first Flagbearer illustration:

(Pascel, The All Seeing by Ernő Juhász)  in an early version of the Flagbearer Frame (by Evan Monsma).

Rule Book 3.2

We received a very positive response to the 3.1 Rule Book. Version 3.2 will mainly be focusing on adding a comprehensive credits for Contractors, Play Testers, people who provided general feedback, and of course Artists. In addition there will be some changes to formatting to provide a better viewing experience for the online version.

Flavor Text

Since the last update, I have finished with making all 4 narrative outlines and have advanced to working with Adam to create the flavor text. This is a daunting process as there are 232 candidates for text, but we’ve adopted a simple strategy to get through it. I will be doing rough drafts for all 56 cards in a faction, which Adam will either approve or deny. If denied, he will either re-word, provide feedback, or re-write the text depending on his reaction to it. I’ve already managed to make an initial pass through both the Naturae and Plague Rats and he has gone through both and provided feedback and re-writes where necessary. So far we’ve managed to finalize flavor text for about 40 cards this way, with the majority of the denied cards needing basic improvements to either their structure or grammar. The current plan is to release all of the flavor text on the website in a single batch when finished. Bellow are two of our favorite examples.

A simple existence filled with infinite possibilities.
"Alone stand the steadfast in moments of oblivion." -Raemus's Notes

75 Follower Instagram Milestone

A 50% increase since last update! This is also big for us, as these are almost exclusively organic follows.


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