Progress Update 5!


Flagbearer’s release is imminent! Here are our plans moving forward.

How is Flagbearer being sold?

Flagbearer will be sold on The Game Crafter as a print-to demand game. At launch there will be a 4 Starter decks (one for each faction), 4 faction boxes (one for each faction), and Counters. Starter decks contain a 40-card deck and a flagbearer. This makes starter decks perfect for new players. Faction boxes contain a full play-set of all 56 of a faction’s Base Set cards along with the faction’s 2 flagbearers! That’s a total of 198 cards! You will also be able to buy a collection of counters. These are a valuable aid when playing as any faction.

1st Edition

At launch all cards will have a small 1st edition icon in the bottom corner. We will continue to sell the 1st edition version of cards until we break even on Base Set products. A notable exception is that any copies of the game that we give to collaborators, reviewers, etc. will have a “Electro-Static approved” stamp to indicate this relation.

Crowd Sale

Once the first YouTube review for Flagbearer is made (having a product video is a prerequisite for crowd sales), we will be placing the Omniborg, Naturae, and Technomancer faction boxes on crowd sale (the Plague Rats faction box is not eligible for crowd sale due to The Game Crafter’s family-friendly policy for crowd sales). In short, this means that you will be able to pick up these products at a discounted price based on the total number sales. You can learn more about Crowd Sales here:

What’s Next?

The success of the Base Set will determine the direction we take Flagbearer. We have a solid idea for what direction we will take Flagbearer in given a significant amount of popularity. However, regardless of success we are still aiming to eventually release official base set token cards, a professional re-creation of the rule book, and several projects within the Flagbearer universe outside of the expandable card game!

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