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"Energetic, attentive, and supporitive. The perfect companion." -Amelia's Journal
The hive bustles with the arrival of new converts.
A simple factory where the Omniborg recieve rejuvinating plex-injections.
Working together as a unified front, prospectors quarry stone to build new structures.
"Irritatingly, when we lost their obedience, they retained the skills we taught them." -Sara
Look into the face of death!
Many creatures are incubated in the Omniborg's plex-combs.
Scouts spiral ever deeper in search of plex.
The territory of a Demolitionist is sacred. It will relinquish it to no one.
A valiant creature, ever on the lookout for plex.
A colorful and brilliant creature. It acts with a swiftness that betrays its size.
"There are inefficiencies everywhere in these beast's operations; it's revolting." -Humdward the Entwined
An endless procession unearthing treasures in unison.
The endless sea of plex-combs is watched over by its many hive guardians.
Getting trapped in the plex-web Kiltraxis weaves is a fatal mistake.
Fauxrot hides a dazzling surprise in its cavernous stomach.
Novicide hides in Aeon's forests, slingshotting itself towards unwitting victims with its prehensile tail.
As the hive-comb's foremost protector, Bravonic's station is of immense importance.
The Omniborg are skilled in the art of manipulating plex. In vast clinics, they perform delicate surgeries.
"A shallow immitation of our brilliant factories." -Crooshik the Entwined
A simple existence filled with infinite possibilities.
Desolation by design.
Those in tune with Lux emanate hope.
Reawakened by the Naturae, shattered souls wander vast wastelands.
Tenebris draws in those accustomed to damnation.
Beacons of rebirth ferry dreams of the past.
Seldom few manage to escape our embrace.
The symmetry of nature is restored with our blessing.
The Naturae are firstly custodians, curating the balance of life.
Misguided flames are swiftly extinguished.
"We provoke the ground, reclaiming dreams from Aeon’s past."
"We shepherd souls through the mulchyard."
"We facilitate the unification of lost spirits."
"Our influence permeates the very depths of Aeon."
"Strike with no hesitation. We must eradicate this threat before it can resist." -Cassius
Simple, but revolutionary.
These changes are permanent. Is making that sacrifice worth the knowledge it will unveil?
Maximum efficiency is ensured through proper maintenance and storage.
The backbone of our empire.
"These foul beasts dare defy us? I'll return their aggression in magnitudes." -Lurderr
A sadistic monster turned to an entwined. He prefers his human company dismembered.
Utility above all else.
I sense a lack of balance. Deep within, something is missing.
True progress permits no caution.
Our circumstances necessitate decisive and impactful engagements.
Where did it all go wrong? I can sense no origin to this turmoil.
Why destroy what can be repaired?
I have achieved a higher level of understanding.
There is no end to this cycle of unrest.
Matted fur, overgrown claws, a model disciple of contagion.
The plague's caustic embrace is the ultimate reward for our work.
In death, the plague remains for the living.
Even the recluse stands its ground when blessed with the plague.
Its putrid intentions lie bare within its meager remains.
Drawn in by hunger. Rots all in its presence. The hunger remains.
He exhumes the corpses, reaps the plague, and grants no quarter.
A road adorned with a tinge of despair. The dream made manifest.
The morning rays betray pestilent intentions.
Corrupted and inverted through plague rot.
The smallest node within the plague dens. A virulent force in isolation.
A makeshift barrier emanating the plague's approval.
The fleet-foot traveler now carries an unyielding burden.
"Amongst the rubble lies the presence of something greater." -Raemus's Notes
A plague tongue's sickly serenade forewarns his victims.
"The Rat Baron revels in the misfortune he bestows upon others." -Raemus's Notes
Amidst a desolate sandbar lies a carrion feast. A trifling bounty.
A solemn watcher stands aloft sacred ground.
The hives remain undefiled by the rats, due only to their rotten nature.
"Corroding essence, vile demeanor, matriarch of the plague dens." -Amelia's Journal
"Dare not flinch at the sight of this pox-marked beast." -Amelia's Journal
The plague rats are drawn to locales steeped in wretched despair.
Abandoned and condemned to a vagabond, plague-less existence.
"Is there any deed too foul for these beasts?" -Raemus's Notes
Those who dare leave an errant trace of plague welcome death.
Waste not, want not.
"Alone stand the steadfast in moments of oblivion." -Raemus's Notes
"Jungle thick with plague smog, the dread host approaches." -Amelia's Journal
"A thick plague ichor seeps out of barren landscape." -Amelia's Journal
A twisted and macabre grove; the last bastion of the damned.
"An unprepared caravan meets plague-hewn deliverence." -Raemus's Notes
A vitriolic plague savant who thrives amongst the deceased.
"Caring, resilient, vagrant, a friend to all." -Amelia's Journal
"Divided by ambition, united by purpose." -Amelia's Journal
"Immutable force, abyssal pilgrim, flee or be consumed." -Raemus's Notes
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