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A simple existence filled with infinite possibilities.
Desolation by design.
Reawakened by the Naturae, shattered souls wander vast wastelands.
Seldom few manage to escape our embrace.
The Naturae are firstly custodians, curating the balance of life.
Misguided flames are swiftly extinguished.
"We provoke the ground, reclaiming dreams from Aeon’s past."
"We shepherd souls through the mulchyard."
"We facilitate the unification of lost spirits."
"Our influence permeates the very depths of Aeon."
Matted flesh, overgrown claws, a model disciple of contagion.
Strike the Lil' Ratling down and you will feel his true strength.
The fleet-foot traveler now carries an unyielding burden.
"Amongst the rubble lies the presence of something greater." -Raemus's Notes
"The Rat Baron revels in the misfortune he bestows upon others." -Raemus's Notes
Amidst a desolate sandbar lies a carrion feast. A trifling bounty.
"Corroding essence, vile demeanor, matriarch of the plague dens." -Amelia's Journal
"Dare not flinch at the sight of this pox-marked beast." -Amelia's Journal
"Is there any deed too foul for these beasts?" -Raemus's Notes
Waste not, want not.
"Alone stand the steadfast in moments of oblivion." -Raemus's Notes
"Jungle thick with plague smog, the dread host approaches." -Amelia's Journal
"A thick plague ichor seeps out of barren landscape." -Amelia's Journal
"An unprepared caravan meets plague-hewn deliverence." -Raemus's Notes
"Caring, resilient, vagrant, a friend to all." -Amelia's Journal
"Divided by ambition, united by purpose." -Amelia's Journal
"Immutable force, abyssal pilgrim, flee or be consumed." -Raemus's Notes
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