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The clacking sound of their incessant skittering has gone from a reminder of progress to a precursor of danger. -Kerchungk the Entwined
Breezelings forage for subtle traces of plex that accumulate in Aeon's crevices.
Spawnlings cherish this chore as they are rarely in the presence of such an excess of plex.
Energetic, attentive, and supportive. The perfect companion. -Amelia's Journal
Each new generation of Omniborg remains united with their predecessors by assimilating their plex.
The hive bustles with the arrival of new converts.
Vigilant guardian of its kin.
A simple factory where the Omniborg receive rejuvenating plex-injections.
The Assault Coordinator guides strikes using its many plex-enhanced eyes.
A facility that provides training that the Omniborg needs to fully utilize their plex improvements.
All are welcome, but few will choose kinship through plex.
A rotten memory of a desperate maneuver. -Lurderr the Entwined
Gust Sweepers use their proboscis to suck the plex from various deposits.
Conjoinment saved this once crippled creature.
Working together as a unified front, prospectors quarry stone to build new structures.
Aeon is lush with mineral deposits, but plex is uniquely elusive.
A fervent protector of its kind.
A gathering of surveyors is a frequent and foreboding omen -Kerchungk the Entwined
The Omniborg gather in ranks to prepare for their next offensive.
The Flame Wyrm thrives in Aeon's most hostile environments.
Regrettably, when we lost their obedience, they retained the skills we taught them. -Sara
Look into the face of death!
Many creatures are incubated in the Omniborg's plex-combs.
Scouts spiral ever deeper in search of plex.
The Omniborg dam rests downstream from their mines to trap errant plex.
The territory of a Demolitionist is sacred. It will relinquish it to no one.
The changes that plex enables goes beyond physical enhancements.
Strike down the adversary in unison.
A valiant creature, ever on the lookout for plex.
All members of the Omniborg share in a profound kinship. Echnar embodies this reality more than any other creature.
Hex-Bastion exercise great restraint, to not frighten its kin.
A colorful and brilliant creature. It acts with a swiftness that betrays its size.
I miss forcefully extracting the plex they produced. -Slivar the Entwined
A journey in search of new converts.
Be ever wary when traversing the forests. They strike from the oddest of angles. -Clark
There are inefficiencies everywhere in these beast's operations; it's revolting. -Humdward the Entwined
Their unending wrath is unleashed upon all who trespass.
An endless procession unearthing treasures in unison.
Mikitol's claws eviscerate anything caught in their grasp.
Plex is a viscous fluid that can be easily transported and stored.
The endless sea of plex-combs is watched over by its many hive guardians.
Getting trapped in the plex-web Kiltraxis weaves is a fatal mistake.
Hostelion excretes plex-foam which shields allies with its springy properties.
Capable of navigating any climate in search of its next cache of plex.
Fauxrot hides a dazzling surprise in its cavernous stomach.
Our structures help achieve the Omniborg's dream of harmony between species through unity with plex.
Indicia's plex-web provides defensive cover for its kin.
The Plex-Hulk skitters through the frozen tundra with brave abandon.
Novicide hides in Aeon's forests, slingshotting itself toward unwitting victims with its prehensile tail.
A veteran in leading stampedes, Alfarious's charge is fortified against the opposition.
As the hive-comb's foremost protector, Bravonic's station is of immense importance.
The Omniborg are skilled in the art of manipulating plex. In vast clinics, they perform delicate surgeries.
These pheromones stimulate plex-enhanced neurons. The response is an immediate frenzy.
A shallow imitation of our brilliant factories. -Crooshik the Entwined
Charlogh is host to an unyielding procession of merciless blades.
Deltavious's back is an inviting bark texture attracting many pawns. Deltavious appreciates the company.
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